Just the Ticket ~ an Erotic Short Story

Just the Ticket ~ an Erotic Short Story by Anita Bush © 2014

(Also available as an Issuu publication)


Just the Ticket cover

‘Platform One for the nineteen-thirty Virgin Pendolino service to Glasgow…calling at…

The platform announcement rang out across the crowded departure hall of Euston Station, telling me I had just two more minutes to make it to my train.

“Excuse me please,” I said as loudly and forcefully as I could at the family lounging around in front of me as I picked up my bag and pulled the strap over my head. There was no response from them, and I had to half leap over the front of the pushchair the mother was nonchalantly moving to one side as I darted towards platform one, the bag over my shoulder whistling unnervingly close to her toddlers head as I flew past. Behind me I could hear her saying something about me needing to f’ing watch where I was going but I didn’t have time to stop to either apologise or castigate. Why do people always insist on standing in the bloody way anyway?

I raced across the hall, my overnight bag banging into my leg as I ran. Thankfully I’d had time to go home and change out of my work clothes, so I was wearing flats rather than the heals I normally sported. As I sped down the slope towards the ticket barrier I was stopped by an inspector who was waiting to check tickets. On the platform I could see the train guard ready to signal departure, frantically waving at me to hurry up. Luckily for me my company had bought me a First Class ticket, and my carriage was right by the ramp.

“Hurry up there,” said the guard, helping me into the train. I had my ticket between my teeth as I scrambled on board.

I shoved the ticket into the pocket of my jeans and put my bag onto the floor, my shoulders feeling relief as the bag strap let go of its bite into my skin. I could feel my bra strap rubbing and knew I’d have a horrible red mark right across my shoulder, as if my bag had given me a rough love bite.

“Thanks, and sorry,” I said, gasping to get my breath back.

“Well you’re here now,” said the train guard. He had a pleasant smile and a nice face. I smiled back, then went to find my seat as he closed the doors and the train set off from the station.



I suppose I was kind of excited about the trip. It wasn’t every day I got asked to go to our Glasgow office. Actually, this was the first time. It was normally Jane who got asked. Or Deborah. They were Mary’s little favourites. I could imagine the thought process going through Mary’s head every time she got a call from Glasgow saying they needed someone from Head Office.

Who shall I send up to Glasgow this time? Lisa, because she’s worked really hard and deserves a little trip? Or Jane, or Deborah, because when I say jump they say how high?

Only this time Jane and Deborah had both been out of the office, so it was my turn. Finally. even if it was by default. I was tired of hearing them wittering on about how great it was going up there. How plush the offices were. How hot the men were. How fun the night life was. Now I was going. I pushed back into my seat and felt a warm glow of satisfaction.

Travelling First Class was definitely a novelty. It certainly beat my daily commute on the London Underground, that was for sure. Smelly armpits, smellier breath, just strangers in general made every morning and evening feel like a trip to hell. It made me grimace just thinking about it.

This was so far removed I felt like I was in some kind of commuting nirvana. The seat was comfortable, and spacious. I had a table all to myself, with plenty of leg room. In fact, and I stood up to double check, I actually had the entire carriage to myself. I felt like the Queen. The only thing missing was a red carpet and a corgi. I could dance up the aisle, or switch seats, if I felt like it. I could sit in every seat in the carriage. Not that I really wanted to. But I could, if I felt like it.

I flicked on the lamp at the side of my table, then took my laptop out of my bag. Free wifi was definitely worth taking advantage of, especially as I had a long journey ahead of me. The train wasn’t due to arrive at Glasgow until just after midnight so I needed something to keep me occupied, otherwise it was going to be one boring evening. It wasn’t as if I had anyone to talk to.

I’d just logged in to check my emails when I heard a rattle behind me. Turning my head I could see the guard from earlier making his way along the carriage with a trolley.

“Would you care for some tea or coffee?” he said.

“Oh, yes please, I’d love some tea.”

He made me a cup, placing it on the table with a napkin. “Any biscuits, or a snack pack?”

“Both if that’s all right?”

“Sure, why not,” he said, placing a couple of boxes on the table with a handful of biscuit packs. “Here, have a few.”

“Thanks,” I replied, though I wasn’t sure I actually wanted that many. Still, they were free. Waste not want not and all that.

“Just give me a shout if you need anything,” he said, then he was gone, rattling away up the aisle towards the next carriage. I watched him leave then became engrossed in emails and social media, absentmindedly popping biscuits in my mouth between sips of tea.

What was probably just a short time later the doors opened behind me and another man appeared at my side, dressed in a smart uniform.

“Good evening,” he said. “May I inspect your ticket?”

“Yes, of course,” I said, looking up at the man.

As my eyes settled on his face he surprised me, and I felt my mouth open a little in disbelief. His name badge told me he was Rob, the Train Manager, yet he didn’t look anything like any of the other men I’d seen working for train companies. He was wearing a Virgin Trains uniform, but the way he wore it made it seem like it was made to measure in Savile row. He looked every bit as dashing as the guys I worked with in my swanky London office, parading around in designer labels and handmade shoes.

I couldn’t help but smile at him. I could feel myself going red when he flashed a large grin in return, and I had to look away in case he noticed how flustered I felt. I opened my purse to get my ticket, but it wasn’t there. I swore I’d put it in there, but there was just a crumpled ten pound note and a few receipts staring up at me. Definitely no ticket.

“Sorry,” I said, putting my hand to my mouth as I tried to remember what I’d done with it when I’d boarded the train. “I thought I put my ticket in here but I must have put it somewhere else.”

“That’s ok,” he said. “I’ll go and check the rest of First Class, then come back.”

As he walked away I couldn’t help myself from checking him out from behind. I hardly ever did that, but somehow I couldn’t resist. He was tall, slim, about my age, and had the cutest backside I’d seen in a long time. I sat staring at him, and as he went up the carriage he glanced back at me over his shoulder, catching me looking at him but in a way as if he knew I would be looking. The cheeky sod. I quickly looked away, pinching myself for getting caught perving, then went back to finding my ticket.



“Shit, where is it?”

I couldn’t find my ticket anywhere. I’d definitely had it when I came down the ramp at Euston as I’d shown it to the inspector at the barrier. I was also sure I’d had it when I got on the train as I remembered I checked my seat reservation on it before I sat down. But as for what I’d done with it after that I couldn’t remember.

“Any luck?” said a voice. I looked up, startled. It was the Train Manager.

“Um, I’m not sure where it is,” I said. “I know I had it when I got on the train but I seem to have mislaid it.”

“Oh dear,” he said, sitting down at my table in the seat opposite. “I’m afraid that’s not good.”

The tone of his voice told me I was in for a nasty shock.

“So what happens if I can’t find it?” I said, already knowing the answer but still fearing it. I’d been on trains before when someone didn’t have a ticket; they were always charged the full fair, and it was always extremely expensive. I had no idea what the fare was from London to Glasgow, but I expected it was pretty high. Especially in First Class. The thought of having to move into Standard with a red face and an even redder credit card mortified me.

“I’m afraid I have to charge you the full fare for a replacement,” he said. He screwed his face up, indicating he didn’t really want to but he had no choice. “It’s not cheap. It’s about £230 in First Class, though you could go through to Standard for £125.”

“Let me have another look,” I said. I opened up my purse again, taking everything out; money, cards, a book of stamps, some old till receipts that should have been thrown away weeks, if not months, ago. Pretty much everything except my ticket. Work had bought it, so I didn’t even have the card receipt. I could feel myself getting hot and prickly, and panic starting in the pit of my stomach. Surely there was some other way of sorting this out?

I went through my laptop bag, and my pockets, but there was no sign of my ticket anywhere. Rob sat patiently waiting while I searched, seeming quite happy to watch me. I was desperate not to burst into tears, even though I could feel them welling up.

All that was left to search was my overnight bag I’d placed on the overhead rack. I was sure the ticket wouldn’t be in there but I had to check. I stood up and reached up for my bag, my top riding up as I did so. As I brought the bag down I caught Rob looking at my midriff, and I presumed at my belly button piercing.

“That’s pretty,” he said.

“Thanks,” I replied. I wondered if I should have felt embarrassed, or even upset that he was being so blatant about looking at my naked skin, but I actually felt a bit turned on. He was good looking. He had a handsome face, a strong jaw line, and beautiful eyes with amazing lashes now that I came to look at them. It was a treat to be admired by such a good looking man.

“Do you have any others?” he asked. “Piercings I mean?” I swear I almost saw a glint in his eye as he spoke.

“Maybe,” I said. “If you’re lucky I might show you.”

He grinned, running his eyes over me as if trying to guess where they might be.

I put my bag on the table and unzipped it. I was certain I hadn’t put my ticket inside as I didn’t remember opening the bag since getting onboard, but I felt I ought to look. My clothes were all neatly folded, though a t-shirt on the top was a bit crumpled from where I’d been running and bashing the bag into my leg.

“Anything exciting in there?” said Rob, trying to peer inside.

“Just clothing, and a hairdryer,” I said. I rooted about in my bag, pulling out a few things to help me get a better look inside, placing them on the table as I searched in vain. There was no ticket. “I’m really sorry,” I said. “I just don’t understand where it is?”

Rob reached onto the table, picking up an extremely skimpy pair of my knickers from the small pile of clothes I’d removed from my bag. He held them up, grinning as he gazed into my eyes.

“I should charge you for a new one,” he said. “But maybe there’s something else you can do for me in exchange?”

Once again I should have been offended, and I probably should have slapped his face. Yet I actually felt excited. He was basically suggesting I have sex with him in exchange for a ticket.

“What did you have in mind?” I said, feeling confident I already knew the answer.

“Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you?” he said, getting up and handing me my incredibly sexy g-string.

I put my clothes back in my bag, then followed Rob through the carriage doors, the anticipation of what may lie ahead making me feel giddy with excitement.



I’d never been shy about taking the initiative where men were concerned, and this was no exception.

Rob led me into the next carriage which had just a few rows of seats and a staff cabin at the rear. There was no one else around; both the half carriage and cabin were completely empty. He took me through the door into the cabin, locking it behind him before pulling a small blind down over the window, giving us total privacy.

That’s when I pounced.

It was pretty obvious why he’d brought me back here, and I wasted no time in making sure he knew I was completely up for it. As soon as Rob turned to me I was on him, pressing him back against the door, locking my lips onto his. Our mouths pressed together, our lips almost melting with the heat between us as our tongues became entwined. Kissing him was everything I had imagined it would be; his lips were soft and yielding but there was a definite underlying passion. My tongue was pierced as well as my naval, and I knew he could feel the stud as we kissed.

Rob ran his hands up my back, pulling me to him, squeezing me against him. It excited me to feel how strong he was. Underneath that Virgin uniform, there was most definitely an animal. I liked being gripped by him, feeling like he could tear off my clothes at any moment if he wanted to. I had my own hands on his back, digging my nails into him through his shirt. I pressed my full body against him, rubbing my thigh against the front of his trousers to tempt the beast that lay within.

“We’ve got just over an hour before the first stop,” Rob said as he pulled away from my kiss and glanced up at a clock on the wall above us.

“Plenty of time for what I want to do,” I said, running my hands across his chest to the buttons of his shirt. I undid his tie, letting it fall to the floor, before fiddling with the top button of his shirt.

“Here, let me,” he said, reaching up and unbuttoning it with both hands which shook a little, probably from excitement more than nervousness.

“I have a better idea,” I said, taking hold of his shirt where it was now open at the top and pulling it apart in one hard motion. The buttons strained then burst from their cotton, flying across the cabin, pinging off the counter and walls.

“Jesus…” he said. That was all he managed to get out as I clamped my lips to his again, kissing him hard as I put my hands on his bare skin, rubbing my fingers over his nipples. They stiffened as I massaged them and I guessed he enjoyed the sensation from the sounds he was making.

The front of his trousers were starting to show definite signs of interest as a steadily growing bulge had appeared, making the material stretch. Running a hand slowly down his body, I pressed my palm against his crotch, feeling him straining inside. Rob pulled at my top, moving it up my body in an attempt to take it off, so I moved back slightly to allow him. As he pulled my top over my head he let out an appreciative gasp at the sight of my firm breasts encased in my bra. I had what could be described as an ample chest, and I knew men liked both the look and feel of it.

“What do you think?” I said, pressing my upper arms together against the side of my breasts to make them even more prominent.

“I think they look fucking amazing,” he replied. His eyes were transfixed on my cleavage.

“Would you like to see them properly?” I said.

“God yes,” he said without any hesitation.

I stepped away from him, steadying myself against the counter as the train rocked slightly. Reaching behind my back, I unclasped my bra before easing the straps off of my shoulders and letting the cups fall from my body. Robs eyes widened as he caught sight of my nipples. They were already feeling erect, and baring them in front of a total stranger made me feel even more turned on which my nipples were happy to broadcast.

“Touch them,” I said.

Rob didn’t need asking twice. He stepped forward, sliding an arm around my waist as his other hand took hold of one of breasts, squeezing it firmly before teasing the nipple with his fingers. I’d always liked having my breasts played with, and often touched and caressed them when masturbating. I savoured the sensation of his touch as I kissed him again. His tongue darted deep into my mouth, pressing against my own. He played the end of his tongue against the stud in my mouth, and I wondered if he’d ever had one rubbing over his erection. I decided I should find out.

I put my hands on Rob’s shoulders and firmly pressed him backwards across the narrow cabin until his backside came up against the counter.

“What’s going on…” He looked a little bemused at what was happening but I put a finger over his lips to quieten him.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” I said, unfastening his trousers and letting them fall to his knees. His boxers were like a tent, and I got down onto my knees in front of him for a closer inspection. I hooked my fingers over the waistband, tugging them down to free his erection which sprung up into my face. His shaft was long and smooth, his balls were neatly trimmed with just a bit of hair. I could see he wasn’t circumcised. I took hold of him, admiring the size.

Rob placed his hands on the counter to steady himself. I held onto his erection as I slowly ran my tongue along the underside of it, starting at the base just in front of his balls then moving to the tip. As my tongue reached the head I swirled it around the underside, making him moan as he looked down into my eyes. I felt him growing stiffer in my hand as I wanked him, licking his balls and taking one of them in my mouth to gently suck. I’d always loved giving oral and I wanted to savour the look on his face.

Rob managed to get himself out of his trousers and boxers which had been around his ankles, then move his legs so he was well balanced against the rocking motion of the train. I guessed the last thing he wanted was to fall over. I took hold of one of his legs for my own balancing act, wrapping my forearm around the back of his knee and digging my nails into his inner thigh.

Slowly, so as not to choke, I took his whole length into my mouth and gently let it sink into my throat, savouring the sensation of him filling me up. I tilted my head back to allow as much of it in as possible, and I gazed up at Rob as he looked down at me, one of his hands in my hair as he stood looking in almost disbelief at what I was doing to him. My chin was rubbing against his balls, and I could feel him throbbing against my tongue and the roof of my mouth as I sucked him in. Even though I was on my knees before him, I still felt in total control. I could stop at any time, or even bite down on him if I so desired. His life was in my hands, or rather my mouth. The feeling of being so powerful was an immense aphrodisiac to me which was why I enjoyed doing it so much.

“Oh fuck that looks so good,” he said, staring down at me. I needed to breathe so I let most of him back out again, then got to work rubbing the underside of his throbbing erection with the stud in my tongue as I held his shaft in the fist of my free hand, wanking him hard and fast. I had the time in the back of my mind and I didn’t want to lose out on getting something in return so I decided to bring him ot orgasm now as fast as I could.

Rob started to groan, moving his hips backwards and forwards in counter to the rhythm of my fist as he tightened his grip on the back of my head. I sucked him, making sure I put pressure on the underside of the tip with my tongue stud. I’d used it to excellent effect many times, and I knew just where to rub it to make a man explode with immense pleasure.

“Oh god yeah, don’t stop,” he said, signaling he was getting ready to come, even though I knew before he did. His cock had started to leak, and become ever so slightly harder just a few moments before he’d spoken, letting me know his orgasm was imminent.

I upped the pressure, really concentrating on the tip, until I was rewarded by Rob letting out a shout as he pulled my head onto him, flooding my mouth. He thrust his hips and groaned as he came. There was so much I almost gagged, but I managed to swallow it down, continuing to suck him as he rode his orgasmic wave.

“Oh my god that was incredible,” Rob said when I finished sucking him. I got up onto my feet and he took hold of my face with his hands, putting his mouth to mine and kissing me. I was pleased he was one of those guys who was happy to kiss after oral; some guys don’t like it, but Rob was happy to taste himself on my tongue and lips. It made me feel a bit weak at the knees knowing he was as horny and dirty as me.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said, taking a quick glance at the time. We still had a good forty minutes before we needed to worry about the train arriving at the next stop.

I undid my jeans and pulled them off, feeling so incredibly turned on. My knickers came down with them, leaving me completely naked.

“Sit up on the counter,” said Rob. I complied, pulling myself up onto it and hanging onto the edge so I wouldn’t fall off. As he knelt down I spread my thighs, letting him feast his eyes on my wetness. His head was at exactly the right height for his mouth to be level with my most intimate of areas.

“Oh fuck,” he said, running a finger along my wet lips. I let out a sigh of delight at the feeling of him touching me, and of feeling so exposed in front of him, a man I’d met less than an hour ago. I was desperate to feel his tongue on me.

“I want you to taste me,” I said, looking down at him between my thighs. He said nothing, just poked his tongue out and gently lapped me from the bottom of my pussy to the top, letting the tip of his tongue trace against my lips. I instinctively pressed my hips forward, trying to rub myself against his face. He responded by sinking his tongue into me, tasting my juices.

“Oh yes,” I said, closing my eyes and letting him eat me. He pressed his face into me, his tongue working in and out of my entrance as his nose rubbed against my clit. It felt so dirty, so incredibly filthy, letting a stranger fuck me with his tongue on a train. The excitement of it made me want to have him fully, to feel him hard and deep inside me, but first I wanted to enjoy his tongue.

Rob placed a hand on my thigh and moved his head away, replacing his tongue with a finger which he slid into me up to the knuckle. It felt good, and I clenched him with my muscles. He set up a steady rhythm, sliding his finger in and out of me whilst flicking my clit with his tongue. I grabbed hold of one of my breasts, rubbing my nipple between my fingers and pulling on it, getting myself even more worked up.

I was starting to breath heavily, working my way towards orgasm. Rob slid another finger inside me, rubbing the inside of my pussy, searching for the elusive g-spot. Whatever he found, it felt bloody amazing and I knew I was going to come hard.

His tongue was rubbing my clit, moving around in small circles, driving me almost insane. With the combination of his tongue, my fingers on my nipple, and the downright dirtiness of the whole thing, I bucked my hips and felt a huge orgasm ripple through me. Rob slid a third finger into me as my orgasm hit, making the pressure on my clit even more intense. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face into me as I ground myself against it, letting out crazy sounds as I climaxed.

Rob stood up, kissing me as I hungrily devoured his lips and his tongue with my own, savouring the taste of me on his mouth. He’d made me come quite quickly and we still had half an hour left on the clock. I was determined to feel him inside me so I brought him back to life as we kissed before taking him down to the floor of the cabin, pushing him onto his back. He made a makeshift bed from our discarded clothing so the bare floor wasn’t cold on his skin, laying back as I straddled him.

I reached down and took hold of his stiff shaft, rubbing the tip against my soaking wet entrance. Rob peered down between my legs, looking in awe as I slowly sank down onto him, taking him all the way inside me until I was jammed up against his balls.

“We probably shouldn’t do this,” he said, but I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me.

“I’m on the pill,” I said, which was true. That seemed to allay any fears he had and he relaxed, grinning up at me as I started to move up and down on top of him. I wasn’t planning to let him finish inside me, but if he did at least there wouldn’t be any little Robs to worry about.

Rob placed his hands on my hips, thrusting upwards with his own, meeting me each time I sank down onto his shaft. He felt incredibly hard inside me, and it felt incredibly tight. I was clenching my internal muscles to increase the friction, making sure I did enough to cover the cost of my ticket.

It didn’t take long for me to feel another orgasm approaching. I ground myself into Rob, rubbing my clit against him, digging my nails into his shoulders as it arrived. The intensity made my pussy spasm, and it drove him to the edge of his own second orgasm. Like I said I didn’t want him to come inside me so I slipped off of him, quickly taking hold of his erection in my hand, pulling it up and down until he released a jet of come that arched up through the air and landed on his stomach. Then we lay there for a few minutes, gently kissing and getting our breath back.

“I think you earned your ticket with that performance,” Rob said, getting up and wiping himself down with a few napkins.

“I should hope so,” I said, putting my clothes on and taking a quick drink of water to freshen my mouth up.

“Come on,” said Rob, getting redressed as best he could with the shirt I’d ripped open. “Let’s get you back to your seat.” He tucked his shirt into his trousers to try and hold it together, his tie doing a fairly decent job of disguising the fact that he was now button-less, then put a jacket on to complete his disguise. As we left the cabin and went back to my carriage we passed the guard with his trolley.

“It’s free back their now,” said Rob, not meeting his eye.

I giggled to myself, imagining the poor chap entering the cabin and smelling sex, then finding buttons all over the place and wondering what on earth has been going on.

“Thanks for helping me with my fare,” I said to Rob as he wrote me out a replacement ticket.

“It was a pleasure,” he said. “This should get you through the barriers at Glasgow. I’d better go through the train to see if anyone else needs help with anything.”

“Sure,” I said. I watched him stagger up the aisle, wondering how much of his new inability to walk straight was from the train jerking or from me.



At just after half past nine the train arrived at Preston where there was a change of train crew. Rob came to say goodbye before disappearing into the night. I suspected I may never see him again, but was glad of the interaction we’d shared.

I sat smiling to myself, opening my purse and looking in the secret pocket I hadn’t emptied earlier, the one that housed my train ticket. The ticket I knew had been there all along, ready to be brought out if things hadn’t gone the way I’d planned. I pulled the ticket out and laughed, thinking about how naughty I’d been.

After a short wait the train set off from Preston. I popped my ticket back in my purse and drank some water as I checked emails on my laptop. A new trolley came past with more tea and biscuits which I was grateful for. All that activity from earlier had made me thirsty and a little peckish.

I was happily engrossed in a conversation with a friend on facebook when someone entered the carriage. I caught a whiff of nice aftershave and heard a beautiful Scottish voice asking me if I could present my ticket. Standing by my table was an incredibly gorgeous young man, his ticket clipper in hand and his eyes dancing with mischief.

“Sure,” I said. “Let me find it for you.”

The new Train Manager waited patiently as I opened my purse, watching me with a pair of the most gorgeous eyes as I emptied it out on the table in front of him.

“Oh dear,” I said, putting my hand to my mouth in embarrassment. “I don’t seem to have one.”