More Hot Chocolate Days

A short while ago I posted about my love of hot chocolate and how to make the perfect cup. I have a base recipe that I use, and I really love.


All was good until one of my friends came over and made some a different way and I was all like oh wow what is this?

So we had a little experiment and came up with a new recipe. HOWEVER…pause for dramatic music…the important thing we learned was that, sometimes, throwing any old thing in the pan can come up with some unexpected results.

I still believe you need good ingredients to start with as a base, so I still advocate using full fat milk, and single cream. We made one with just milk and it was nice, but it was missing that subtle richness that only cream will provide. So those two stay.


Next comes the key ingredient. Chocolate. I have some 100% cacao from M&S which is, understandably, very bitter. You don’t need much to go a long way, so we just used about 20g instead of the 70g I previously used. If you have a lower percentage cacao chocolate, OR you like it less sweet, feel free to add more. Best to start lower though and add later if you want to. For milk chocolate we had some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and threw in about 40g worth (always better to grate it all up first as it will melt a lot easier).

Then we added some salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and some maple syrup, tasting as we went. It was delicious. The spices work really well, and the salt brings out the edge on the chocolate. Maple syrup gave a deep richness and complimented the spices well.


My plan is to try a chilli chocolate, and I am also curious about cardamom. In my mind it should work. Maybe also black pepper. The key is to give it a try, but with spices you aren’t sure about take a small amount of your chocolate base and add a small amount of spice so you don’t ruin a whole pan full. I would love to hear back on any experiment results, so do please let me know how you get on.