Girls Film Night – Easy A

Another weekend passes and another Girls Film Night. This time we sat down to watch the film Easy A, penned as a teen comedy romance no less. The trailer for the film can be seen here.


The film stars Emma Stone (plays the lead character, Olive), Penn Badgley (plays ‘Woodchuck’ Todd), Aly Michalka (plays Olive’s best friend Rhiannon), Amanda Bynes (plays ultra religious classmate Marianne), Patricia Clarkson (plays Olive’s mum, Rosemary – really cool mum), and Stanley Tucci (plays Olive’s dad, Dill – and oh my god how hot is Stanley Tucci?).


The film is a narration by Olive over the internet to her classmates, explaining to them what really happened when they all think she has slept with a ton of guys at high school. You get to see the action as it plays out, but essentially the film starts and ends with Olive revealing the truth to everyone.

So what is it that everyone thinks happens? Simple. Olive tells her best friend she is going away for the weekend and that she has slept with someone, losing her virginity. She hasn’t. She spends the whole weekend at home, listening to a Natasha Bedingfield song, but wants to be cool so lies. Later, she confides in a male friend, who happens to be gay and gets bullied about it, and he suggests she say they slept together so he can gain some credibility at school. They have pretend sex at a party with everyone listening, and it works.

Only that’s not the end of it. Soon every high school reject wants Olive to do the same for them, and they even offer to give her things in return. Gift cards etc. It’s almost fake prostitution, only the guys offered she didn’t ask. Anyway, in English the class have been studying The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. So Olive gets the idea to attach a big red ‘A’ to all her clothes after someone remarks she should, wearing sexy underwear to school (she walks around in basques) to portray herself as some kind of harlot.


All it seems to achieve is a lack of respect and dignity, and friendship. The local god squad take it upon themselves to try and save her, only one of them (the boyfriend of the gangs leader) sleeps with the school counsellor and says he slept with Olive, getting an STD. It’s all kind of a mess, until eventually the truth outs of course.


Throughout all this, a guy called Todd (who dresses as a woodchuck to portray the school mascot) just treats Olive like he always has, as a friend and as if none of this fracas is actually happening. The irony is, when they were a lot younger Todd and Olive were at a kids party and pretended to have kissed. Todd and Olive eventually get together, which we were rooting for all through the film. Yay!


It’s a good film, and I hope the trailer does it justice. We all give it an easy 7.5 out of 10.