Girls Film Night – Love and Other Drugs

I got together with the girls for another GFN (Girls Film Night) and we settled down to watch Love and Other Drugs starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. You can watch the trailer here.


The story is pretty simple. Gyllenhaal plays Jamie Randall who goes to work for Pfizer (the guys who make that funny blue pill for men – that should be their company strapline, right?) a short while before they came out with the funny blue pill. His mentor is Bruce Winston, played by Oliver Platt (just been watching him in The Big C) who helps him get started before watching Jamie use his god given talents of good looks and charm help him slowly get in to surgeries to peddle his drugs.


He meets Maggie Murdock, played by Hathaway, and they have a ferocious coupling and she then chucks him out of her flat. They have many more similarly passion fuelled rendezvous and the result is that Jamie falls for Maggie, only she’s ill. She has Parkinson’s (they meet at a doctors surgery where she is obtaining a prescription) and refuses to let anyone too close to her.


The film takes us through Jamie’s desperate attempts to get her some kind of treatment that might help her, and ends with her dumping him, then them reuniting.

As rom-coms go it’s a pretty standard formula, but it’s also a tried and tested one that audiences seem to like.

There are some funny parts in the film. I particularly enjoyed a guy who is hanging out by some bins at the main doctors surgery the story focuses on. Jamie keeps pinching another drug companies products and replacing them with his own, dumping the stolen drugs in a bin. Along comes some tramp who takes them. Each time we see him, he’s slightly better dressed. A nice touch.


One thing I totally loved in the film? Maggie’s apartment. Oh. My. God. WANT! (Jedi mind trick time…buy it for me…).


Hathaway seems to spend a lot of time with her clothes off in this film, so guys are in for a nice time I guess. Maybe that was a way of enticing men to accompany their girlfriends to the cinema to watch it.


Overall we kind of enjoyed the film, but all felt that it was pretty predictable and not a lot actually happened. Jamie starts off having a hard time getting his foot in the door with surgeries, but once Viagra comes out they are treating him like royalty. He falls for Maggie, she pushes him away, he wins her back. He is the young pretender to Platt’s character, Bruce, but the student becomes the master. It’s feel good stuff, but sometimes a twist is nice.

I’m going to give this a 6 out of 10. It’s not a bad film, but I can’t go higher. I’m harsh, I know. If it sent me chocolates I might go to a seven.