My First Erotic Romance Novel – The Erotic Musings of an Ordinary Girl

I am delighted to announce that my debut erotic romance novel, The Erotic Musings of an Ordinary Girl, is available to buy on Amazon.


The book focuses on the life of Elizabeth Baxter, a 27 year old ordinary girl who’s life has become a little less than what she expected.

The synopsis for the book is:

To say Elizabeth Baxter’s life is in a rut would be an understatement. Stuck in a dead end job, and an abusive relationship, she finally makes a bid for a new life. With that life comes exciting new possibilities. 

First, there is Christopher. Handsome and reliable, he is everything Elizabeth could want in a man. 

Second, Christopher is a fellow struggling writer who understands only too well the highs and lows that writing brings. 

But then there is Dominic. Incredibly sexy, definitely dangerous, and the most exciting man Elizabeth has ever met. 

Will she follow her heart and make a new life with Christopher, or follow her desires and fall madly in lust with Dominic? 

If you like your romance hot, it couldn’t get any hotter.

I have a FREE PREVIEW of the first three chapters available on Issuu, and Amazon also provide a free preview on Kindle as well as a search inside function.

I have received a couple of fantastic reviews for the book, which can be read here, and also here.

The book can be bought at Amazon in the UK, and at Amazon in the US (as well as worldwide) in ebook format.

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A x