Girls Film Night – 50/50

We have watched a few films just recently and this latest review is about the film 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (plays Adam), Seth Rogan (Kyle, Adam’s best and possibly only friend), Bryce Dallas Howard (Rachael, Adam’s girlfriend), and Anna Kendrick (Katherine, Adam’s counsellor). The trailer can be viewed here.


The film is about a guy called Adam who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 27, and his coming to terms with it. He undergoes chemotherapy, shaves his head, and discovers marijuana (there are strains of medical marijuana with a virtually nil level of THC – the bit that gets you stoned – so you just get the CBD – the bit that is being researched in the fight against cancer) though it is clear from one episode in the film he is getting pretty high on it.

Adam’s girlfriend is a cheat and he, thankfully, gets rid of her with the help of Kyle, who seems like he isn’t always overly knowledgeable about Adam’s condition but eventually we discover he has been reading all he can about cancer and how to help his friend.


As part of Adam’s treatment he goes to see a counsellor to help him mentally. He has a 50/50 chance of survival, hence the film title, and clearly that would weigh heavily on anyone’s mind, let alone someone in their twenties. His counsellor is a student, and he is her third patient. Everyone has to start somewhere though, right? It was pretty obvious their relationship would develop beyond counsellor/patient though, but to be fair Katherine stood head and shoulders above Rachael in the girlfriend stakes.


The best parts of the film are undoubtedly found in the relationship between Adam and Kyle, who is adamant Adam’s condition will help get them in with girls. A theory they test to a degree of success, after a false start as can be seen in the trailer.


It seems strange to say that a film about cancer can leave you feeling upbeat, but this did. The ending is probably what you expect, but it didn’t make us feel cheated. It was an easy film to watch and enjoyable. I don’t think I would watch it again but I don’t think my evening was wasted on it. It’s a decent film, and I would recommend it.

A score for this would be an easy 7 out of 10.