Girls Film Night – Sunshine Cleaning

Me and the girls got together to watch Sunshine Cleaning a short while ago. You can watch the trailer here to get an idea of the film. It stars Amy Adams (plays Rose) and Emily Blunt (plays her sister Norah). It was nice to see Alan Arkin in another film (loved him in Little Miss Sunshine).


The premise is fairly simple. Rose is working as a cleaner and having an affair with her old high school sweetheart, gets invited to a baby shower with old friends from high school and lies about what she does for a living. Her lover is a cop and gets her turned onto cleaning up crime scenes. So she sets up a business with her sister and they start cleaning up after murders and suicides.


There is a little more to the story, but not much. I found myself laughing at a couple of scenes, one of which can be seen at the end of the trailer (Norah ending up face first on a filthy mattress), though overall I was left feeling disappointed.

At the end of the movie, Rose is setting up another cleaning business with her father after Sunshine Cleaning goes kaput. Norah is seen driving off in a car, going god only knows where. I wasn’t entirely sure why she was doing it, or where she was going, and I don’t think she knew the answer to those questions either.

There were a couple of question marks over some parts of the film. The girls get a crime scene clean up job and throw everything in the trash but never get in any trouble. Then they discover they need to have a qualification in biohazard clean up and disposal, and luckily the guy who mentions it to them can sign them u for a seminar right there and then. It felt a bit corny.


It’s a real shame; me and my friends were looking forward to this film but we all felt a little let down. It was one of those where we all looked at each other as the credits rolled and said ‘huh?’ at the same time.

I loved Blunt in Your Sister’s Sister, but not so much in this. Score for this film is a rather sad 5 out of 10.