Girls Film Night – About Time

Yesterday I went out with my friends and we saw the new Richard Curtis film called About Time. For those of you who know nothing about it, the trailer is here.


The film stars one of my favourite actors, Bill Nighy (if I was older, or he was younger) and also Domhnall Gleeson (he played Bill Weasley in Harry Potter amongst other things…he was also in Anna Karenina which I totally loved) and Rachel McAdams (saw her recently in Midnight In Paris).


The film centres on the life of Tim (Gleeson) who is told by his father, at the age of 21, that he can travel back in time to effectively re-live (and/or change) past events. He uses this for various things such as having sex three times in one night with Mary (McAdams) so that their first time is perfect, and to save his sister from a car accident (although this has serious repercussions).


Although the film tries to focus on the relationship between Tim and Mary (Gleeson and McAdams), the more poignant moments are found in the relationship between father and son (Nighy and Gleeson). I found myself with tears rolling my cheeks on several occasions during the film, especially nearer the end, which is always a good sign for me that the film has been magnificently touching.

There is a part in film where Tim is given an extra secret to his time travelling ability; his father tells him to go back to the relive each day for a second time. The first time, to just be there; the second time to experience all the joy of the little things that get lost in the day to day worries, stresses and tiredness. A brief conversation with someone at lunch, the wonder of a beautiful piece of architecture, and just being alive. It is so how we should live each day ourselves, even though we only get to do it once.

I must just tell you this; there is a character in the film called Harry (played by Tom Hollander) who was without question the funniest thing in the film. His lines, his expressions, were sublime. I genuinely laughed out loud on several occasions at his delivery. Complete genius.

This film is utterly magnificent. It is charming, funny, witty, and heartbreaking, and I am in love with it. The writing is way, way up there. The settings were amazing (the family home in Cornwall, just beautiful and I want it). Nighy’s character tells his son that the best thing for him about travelling back was that it allowed him to read so many books, sometimes twice. How awesome would that be?

I will buy this film, and watch it again and again. Easily rated 9 out of 10.