Book Review – The Baker’s Man by Jennifer Moorman

This is a book review of The Baker’s Man by Jennifer Moorman.


I was sent a free copy to review by Jennifer after we chatted on Twitter (make sure you follow her if you aren’t already).

Jennifer described the book to me as a contemporary romance. It is definitely a romance novel, but you could argue it touches on paranormal (though not in the sense we normally associate with that; there are no vampires or werewolves here). What we have is a man who is made from a recipe and is ‘baked’ in an oven before appearing in the protagonists life.

We get the struggle from Anna (the protagonist) as she is caught in a lobe triangle; her current departing boyfriend, Baron, moving to California for a new job and not planning to take Anna with him, vs Eli, the new ‘baked’ potential love interest.

Trouble soon brews when one of Anna’s best friends take a shine to Eli, bringing in the angst women face over gorgeous men (why do we bother fighting over them, please remind me).

I’m not a massive contemporary romance fan, tending to prefer a bit more paranormal and/or erotica, but this was well written and kept me page turning (or screen swiping as I read it on my ipad). The overall story was well conceived and was a brilliant idea. Who wouldn’t want to create a perfect man from a recipe and make them appear overnight, adding in things to make them just sweet enough, strong, reliable, sexy, and with a hint of spice and danger? This is like every girls fantasy. Throw in some chocolate cake and you have the perfect story.

I did come across a couple of typos, but then rare is the book that is error free these days, even from Traditional Publishers. This is a self published novel, and is a really great effort. I’ve found more errors in other books recently from some heavy hitters, so I can’t really mark Jennifer down for about two.

I am going to struggle with a score for this book. Before I pass sentence, please note the following. Contemporary Romance isn’t my normal read. That said, it was well written and I did enjoy the story. I never, ever give a 5 star rating (well, I might one day but it will need to blow all my clothes off, not just my socks) so for me a 4 star is like a 5 from someone else. This is definitely worth more than 2 stars, as it is a good book. Jennifer should feel proud of this novel, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking out a romance novel that isn’t full of sex. These stories are still great…read it, you know you want to 😉

SCORE: A very high 3 out of 5 (probably 3.8 or thereabouts)


Jennifer has her own website that you can visit here. She is also on Twitter, so show her some support.