The Awesomeness that is Shoes

I’m a girl. I love shoes. End of story.


Seriously, I have like a hundred pairs of shoes all over the house. Under my bed, in the wardrobe, in various bags, in the utility room, even at friends houses. Everything from my favourite Converse to six inch heels, via my beloved Dr Martins.


There is just something about a new pair of shoes that nothing else comes close to. Trying them on in the shop, knowing they will soon be yours. Taking them home, excited about the bag they are in and getting envious looks from people you pass in the street. They know what you’ve got and they want them. Get off, they’re mine!


You get home and lock yourself in your room. Your heart is beating as you take the box out of the bag. The lid comes off with a satisfying pull, and you peel open the tissue paper within to reveal your prize.

The smell, the look, the feel. O.M.G.


You only get a couple of wears out of them before they are no longer that ‘new’ pair, so you make sure everyone sees you in them to obtain the maximum benefit. Then they become part of the herd, until one day they may elevate themselves to being one of the chosen few, your must haves whenever you go anywhere. Like the DM’s and the Converse.


If you ever see me around Leamington, and want to get on my good side, take me to a shoe shop. A word of warning, though; if I have a face that says I am on a mission and I have a bag in my hand that likely contains shoes? Keep a safe distance. At least until I have got them safely home.