Book Review – The Emergence of Judy Taylor by Angela Jackson

This is a book review of The Emergence of Judy Taylor by Angela Jackson, which I finished reading literally five minutes ago.


The story focuses on Judy (unsurprisingly) and her normal marriage to Oliver. I say normal, because that is what it seems to be. It isn’t particularly great, but it isn’t particularly bad. She’s just bored, and decides she wants something more out of life (don’t we all?).

So she ups sticks and leaves him. Not just like that, though. She agonises over it for months, and does tell him of her plans to leave. She ends up living in Edinburgh (was in Manchester) and after lodging with a ‘friend’ gets her own place and a bit of odd work.

The result of it all is that she no longer has that almost predictable life, but something else. Though what that is is almost frighteningly unknown. It’s funny, because some of us go through life thinking we don’t want to just be like everyone else and live an average life, yet we are too scared to do anything to change it. Those of us that do sometimes then long for the old life, the sameness, the safety net of knowing your life may be a bit dull but it is all mapped out for you.

I was left wondering a little about how Judy Taylor had emerged. Or rather what she was emerging in to. It’s a well written book, though, and I did enjoy it. There are some great passages in it and one part in particular touched me (her father suffers from dementia and is placed in a home…it made me sad).

Would I recommend this book? Yes. For a first novel I hold great hope in Angel Jackson and would definitely read another of hers (get writing Angela).

SCORE: 3 out of 5.


You can find out more about Angela Jackson by visiting her webpage here.