Girls Film Night – Blue Valentine

Another Girls Film Night and this time we watched Blue Valentine, a romantic drama starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.


If you haven’t seen the film, be prepared for some real grit. This is the second film we have watched recently starring Michelle Williams (the other being Take This Waltz) and is another which focuses on a dysfunctional marriage.


The beauty of this film is that it feels like a very ordinary, common, sad story. It is more real and true to life than any hollywood blockbuster, and feels more like a fly on the wall into a real marriage.

Cindy (played by Williams) is involved with a boy at college and falls pregnant with his child. She ditches him and along comes Dean (played by Gosling) who ultimately takes care of Cindy. They marry and bring up the child as their own, but the sad reality is that Cindy never actually seemed to want any of it, just letting Dean take charge. After five years she has grown tired of his lack of ambition and drinking and wants out. This is like so many relationships it was almost heartbreaking to watch and recognise.


Michelle Williams is a brilliant actress and not afraid to put everything into her art. She appears naked and also peeing on the loo; a lot of actresses would have said no thanks to that.

Ryan Gosling is wonderful in this movie, especially the really touching scene with the elderly man in the home.


In summary, this film is sad and may depress some people, but ultimately it is so true to life it is a truly wonderful piece of cinematography. In short, watch it. Rated 8 out of 10.