House Hunting (and dreaming)

About a year ago I moved back to Leamington Spa, and back into my parents house. I used to live on a boat with someone, but it all went wrong and I had to leave.

I love my parents dearly, but I feel as though I need my own space. I love flicking through houses on the Right Move website, dreaming of where I could live if I had the money and the opportunity. Perhaps my writing will allow me that freedom of choice one day. I’m only 21 so there is no rush…yet.

Anyway, I found this utterly amazing house in Wallingford in Oxfordshire that is just so pretty. It is a lot of money, but it is so beautiful I have fallen in love with it just from the pictures alone. It only has two bedrooms, but they are both great. One is massive, seriously you could hold a party in it no problem.


The second bedroom is smaller but is not unlike my own bedroom at the moment.


The sitting room is big, incredibly light with those massive windows, and just feels inviting.



The kitchen…O.M.G…how gorgeous is that? I mean, seriously. I just want it. And the hopscotch floor tiles? Love, love, love.


It comes with a little boathouse as it is right on the river. It would be the perfect little bolthole for me to do my writing, and to sit out in the evening with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of something stronger, watching the river and the boats. I am healed enough now to go back to the water, a lot of time and tears have flowed in the past twelve months and I am stronger.



So, do you like it as much as me? Fancy buying it for me? Joke…maybe 😉 If you want to, though, just go here for a look at it.